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The Dayton Sister City Committee was created by the Dayton City Commission in 1964. Committee members are appointed by the Dayton City Commission and City of Dayton Government. All Activities undertaken on behalf of the Dayton Sister City Committee are done on a volunteer basis.

The Dayton Sister City Committee is a member of Sister Cities International. SCI was created by President Eisenhower in 1956 in conjunction with a conference on citizen diplomacy. Its mission is to "Promote peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation - one individual, one community at a time."

Our Mission

The mission of the Dayton Sister City Committee is to provide community leadership, promote Dayton internationally, and to increase global awareness of Dayton residents through developing and maintaining active Sister City relationships. The Committee promotes the City of Dayton's international image and serves as its chief source of international protocol with its sister cities, as approved by the Dayton City Commission, through special exchange programs of friendship and goodwill involving its community, citizenry, and students here in Dayton and abroad.

Our Members

The members of the Dayton Sister City Committee are appointed by the Dayton City Commission. Please contact us through our Contact Page if you are interested in learning more about becoming a member.


Executive Committee Members

Chair: Arch Grieve

Vice Chair: Monica Jones

Secretary: Ed Dixon

Treasurer: Peggy Kelly


Sub-Committee Chairs

Augsburg City Co-Chairs: Uli Gaertner & Ryan Taylor

Oiso City Chair: Kevin Lydy

Monrovia City Chair: Thomas Siafa, Sr.

Holon City Co-Chairs: Carolyn Rice & Lori Simms-Parks

Sarajevo City Chair: Monica Jones

Rushmoor Borough Chair: Hunt Brown

Events Chair: Amelia Robinson

Marketing Chair: Bonnie Kling

Nominating Chair: Hunt Brown

Youth Coordinator: Tony Ricciuto


General Members

David Klass

Alexis Larsen

Emerie Lukas

Simeon Oyeyemi

Vaughn Shannon

Deborah Shaw

Merle Wilberding


Ex-Officio Members

Commissioner Matt Joseph

Ariel Walker

Friends and Associates of the Committee

Serena Barker

India Brookshire

Bing Davis

Ed Dixon

Kelly Geers

Amanda Grieve

Brett Hill

Angie Hsu

Laurel Kerr

Jennifer Hanauer

Simeon Oyeyemi

Nickole Ross

Tasha Rountree

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