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Salfit, Palestine

City: Salfit
Country: Palestine
Population: 20,225

Founded: Roman Empire
Become a Dayton Sister City in: 2021

Brief Description


Salfit is a governorate in Palestine located in the central West Bank with multiple towns and villages. Salfit is home to two universities, abundant industries and agricultural resources and is known as the olive and olive oil capital of Palestine.

The Dayton-Salfit relationship is based on the following shared values:


Dayton is home to several fine higher educational institutions, Salfit has two of its own, Al-Quds Open University and Al-Zaytouna University for Science and Technology. There is a strong foundation for educational, scientific and cultural exchanges.

Dayton sits on top of a large aquifer and Salfit manages a similar resource. Both sides could benefit from each others’ expertise here.


Dayton has its own Peace Museum and is known for “The Dayton Peace Accords” as it was the site for negotiations between Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1995.

Having sister cities in Palestine and in Israel reinforces Dayton’s reputation for peace making and may help contribute to advancing peace in the region.

Fun Fact

The old city of Salfit was founded at the time of the Canaanites and the name translates to “baskets of grapes.”


Flag of Palestine

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