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Oiso, Japan

City: Oiso
Country: Japan
Population: 32,786
City was founded in: 1889
Became a Dayton Sister City in: 1968

Brief Description


Oiso is known for its beautiful beaches and is a popular resort town. With convenient access to Tokyo, it is a relaxing escape from the big city. Oiso is located on the coastline of central Kanagawa Prefecture, facing Sagami Bay of the Pacific Ocean. The area is generally hilly, rising to Mount Koma in the northwest of the center of town, and has a temperate maritime climate with short, cool winters and hot, humid summers. The city is the ancient center of Sagami Province. Oiso was favored as a seaside health resort by politicians and literary figures during the Meiji period (1868-1912) after a noted physician of the era, Matsumoto Jun, wrote a glowing report on its location. This popularity continued into the postwar era. Oiso merged with neighboring town Kozu on Dec. 1, 1954.

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City Seal/Coat of Arms of Oiso

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