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Oiso, Japan Youth Exchange

The City of Dayton began its Sister City relationship with Oiso, Japan in 1968.  Since that time, the committee has enjoyed a number of professional and student exchanges with the city.

With a temperate climate and convenient access to Tokyo by the Tokaido Main Line railway, Oiso is a relaxing escape from the big city. Known for its beautiful beaches, it is a retreat for tourist and locals alike.

Students who apply for this exchange are asked to commit to a two-year exchange experience. During the summer of even years,  Dayton students travel to Oiso to live as Japanese teenagers, participating in all of the activities of their host family and engaging in programming arranged by the Oiso Sister City Committee.  During the summer of odd years, students from Oiso travel to Dayton to participate in a similar immersion program in Dayton.

Students and their families are responsible for the cost of the program, although student scholarships are available. These expenses include airfare, program and spending money during travel, and the cost of hosting a Japanese student in the family home.

Find more pictures from the most recent trip on our Facebook page and find the Oiso International Association's page devoted to our 2018 trip here.

For more information about the program, you can reach out to the DSCC through our contact page.

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