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Augsburg, Germany

City:  Augsburg
Country:  Germany
Population: 275,000
City was founded in:  15 B.C.
Became a Dayton Sister City in: 1964


Brief Description

More than twice as old as Nuremberg or Munich, Augsburg was founded in 15 B.C. by the Roman commanders Drusus and Tiberius. Augsburg’s early development of was molded by its 400-year affiliation with the Roman Empire. In the 13th century, Augsburg became a Free Imperial City and remained so for the next 500 years.


Augsburg is the birthplace of the painter family Holbein, the composer Leopold Mozart and the playwright Berthold Brecht. Rudolf Diesel constructed the first internal combustion engine here, Linde built the first refrigerator, Messerschmitt created the first mass-produced jet airplane.


Today, with its rich heritage, Augsburg and the region are centers for industry, science, art and culture. The city of Augsburg and its surrounding rural areas offer attractive business and industrial zones and are the headquarters of research institutions and technology establishments.


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City of Augsburg:


Visitors Bureau:  
Town Hall (Rathaus)
Perlach Tower
Fugger Houses and Ladies’ Courtyard
Armory (Zeughaus)
Cathedral (Dom)
Olympic Kayak Course


Augsburg University:


Top Industries/Business:

  • AVAG Holding

  • Beech Aircraft Corp

  • Betapharm

  • Brauhaus Riegele

  • Fujitsu Technology

  • KUKA AG /KUKA Roboter

  • MAN Diesel & Turbo

  • MT Aerospace

  • NCR

Flag of Germany

City Seal/Coat of Arms of Augsburg

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